Sustainable Architects are Constructing Green Homes

Architects are environmentally conscious too. In this field of design, a method called sustainable architecture refers to constructing buildings that have little impact on the environment. These buildings are usually energy efficient and use a moderate amount of supplies. Architects that utilize this design technique are contributing to the belief that today’s actions influence future generations.

These green homes are constructed with sustainable building supplies such as bamboo, cork, clay and blown-in insulation made from fiber glass among many others. In addition to making use of recycled and sustainable materials}, waste management has a prominent role. During construction processes, many waste products can be recycled; waste-water created can be used for gardens or in a sustainable type of toilet, called a composting toilet. This kind of toilet does not have still water sitting in the bowl. It only makes use of water to flush and disposes of waste by way of composting. This type of toilet uses what is called an aerobic processing system. On-site composting of food waste can also help minimize environmental effect. When measures such as these are put into action, the only waste produced during the construction process comes from packaging.

Effective insulation is one more key component of a green home. This increases energy efficiency as the better the insulation, the less heat will escape, which means less power is necessary for heating. In addition to insulation, doors and windows must be energy efficient to help get cold air out and hot air in. Generating renewable energy is one more way to create a more eco-friendly home. This could involve wind turbines or solar panels to generate energy. This energy would then be used to power a home and any excess energy can be resold to the local power company. To generate hot water in an environmentally friendly manner, a solar water heater can be used. This heater is powered by sunlight and comes in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different uses. And finally, rather than making use of an air conditioner, an air-source heat pump can be used. This device can take the hot air inside a home and transfer it outside into the heat. It is also capable of taking cool outside air and pull it into a home. These devices are an excellent energy efficient alternative to air conditioners and perform well in temperate climates.

While all these components of sustainable architecture may not be obtainable or readily available to you at this point in time, even implementing one simple green task makes a big difference. So recycle or start a compost pile, then later consider installing energy efficient doors and windows and so on.

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