Safety Reminders when Pruning Trees

Many individuals try to get their own gardens and lawns snipped and pruned in order for them to save some dollars. However, pruning larger trees on your own may be risky and even fatal. So before taking the risks involved in tree maintenance, try to urge yourself and learn more about these basic safety guidelines for tree pruning.

Check power lines before pruning the tree. Contact a licensed tree service company if the cables are way too close to the tree you need to prune. Those power lines may easily electrocute anyone and lead to major accidents including death. Thus, it is safer to prune far from any wiring system or better yet call in the experts.

Getting stung by a bee is prevalent most especially when dealing with trees. In order to avoid being stung, put on some insect repellent lotion and inspect the area for insects. Also try applying a wasp killer, but if the nest is too huge, it is better to find a professional to get rid of the nest. Getting stung by wasps, bees and other insects may be highly risky specifically when you’ve been stung several times. You also ought to be aware of snakes when pruning close to high grass and bushes.

Falling off a ladderis one of the most prevalent reasons for pruning accidents. You should fix your ladder in a proper angle and never use worn-out and rusty ladders which could quickly fall apart once you add your weight on it.
Wear appropriate protective clothing, working gloves, and long jeans to prevent chafing and gashes. So as to secure your eyes, put on safety glasses and for heavier pruning, put on a safety helmet that has a deep visor to protect your head from falling wood and flying chips. In addition, to protect your feet and toes, put on a pair of safety shoes.

If the tree is very high and you just can’t have it snipped with your feet intact on the ground, consider a licensed arborist to work on the task for you. Except if you’re a competent arborist don’t ever cut back a tree from a ladder to prevent finding yourself on a clinic bed.

Be aware of the temperature outside. Have yourself lots of drinking water and always consider taking time outs. Provide yourself with a hat or a bandanna. You may suffer from a heatstroke when doing the job under the scorching hot sun. Once you seem unsteady, bring yourself to the ground as fast as you can and relax. Call a doctor if you must.

Inexperienced tree pruners normally take one hand away the ladder to clean off away their perspiration when sweating which leads them to being in a negative position. Just in case you have lost your balance, never try to turn over one side of the ladder.

Remember that you can avoid accidents and further costs if you hire a licensed tree pruning Perth company. Visit the WA Treeworks website to know more about proper tree maintenance and tree removal Perth.

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