Polished Concrete for Green Buildings

When it comes to building and renovating of industrial, domestic and commercial structures, polished concrete floors are becoming prevalent rapidly. New and innovative methods are now looked for by a lot of designers, building owners and Australian builders to meet their customer’s wants for greener structures using sustainable building supplies.

The demand for ever more sustainable concrete floor finishes which include concrete coatings and polished concrete cost is increasing due to the claim of many environmentally sensitive clients and designers. Building codes as “Green Star” building code are those being used to accomplish it; this particular code has acquired acknowledgement as a high quality sustainable building code in the past few years. As greener governments, councils, building owners and home owners end up being the rule rather than the exception, ANS Coatings assumes that this need for greener building will continue to rise in to the future.

There are choice of green solutions intended for use in polished concrete, the most environmentally innovative polished concrete flooring system around Australia is available through ANS Coatings. This system is called the CONPELL Ultra Shield WB polished concrete flooring system which is comprise of the mechanical or dry grinding technique of installation; the floor is surely completed with a powerful water based, stained resistant penetrating sealer. Polished concrete flooring systems possess huge possibility of inclusion in green structures, especially when compared with other flooring choices,because of new advances in chemical compounds and in grinding machinery, the ‘dry-grind’ application way for polished concrete floors can be a cost-effective option to terrazzo, vinyl, carpet, tile and other floor coatings.

The Ultra Shield WB polished concrete flooring system begins by grinding and smoothing a concrete floor along with diamond-impregnated abrasive discs suited to a heavy floor grinder, progressing via a series of actions utilizing gradually finer diamond pads which improve the level of smoothness of your floor. To ensure which the concrete surface is dust proofed and hardened, a densifier shall be utilized. Lastly, two coats of water based impregnating sealer will be applied to render the surface stain proof.

Since the use of more sustainable building products are quickly becoming a requirement in renovated and new structures, polished concrete flooring flooring systems can provide especially great opportunities, as there are no extra building components required, like vinyl’s, tiles, glues, gouts or carpet. The current concrete floor shall be utilized; the first couple of millimeters are only taken out to expose a rich stone finish. Some care must be taken when exposing old concrete surfaces since the concrete will not have been placed particularly for this finish. There needs to be several acknowledgement from all persons involved that is the finish might not be as reliable as concrete floors which are specifically put for polished concrete. A structure’s energy efficiency could be increased with the help of polished concrete. There has a tendency to be a decrease in the interior light fittings due to the polished concrete floor’s high gloss and resulting reflectivity. The on-going servicing of the floor, even the use of strong chemicals, could be decreased with these floors.

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