Is Travertine Flooring In Bathrooms A-Good Option Or Should It-Be Avoided At-All-Costs?

Although Travertine stone flooring in Chicago is very common flooring option, it might not be the best alternative as bathroom flooring. Mainly it is because of the porous nature of the stone. It has a tendency to streak when wet, if not dried right away. Stains, if left unattended, set rather easily and may require a professional cleaning or restoration.

Travertine tile is interesting as a flooring solution as a result of its organic elegance. It delivers a charm and warmth to a space that other flooring elements just do not have. Even so, utilizing Travertine tile in the rest room is quite a contested issue. For those new to bathroom design and unfamiliar with all the inherent problems one must overcome, what materials to utilize for bathroom flooring swiftly becomes confusing.

Perhaps the greatest issue facing designers would be the inclination for bathroom flooring to become wet. Cautious consideration ought to be paid to which kind of finish the tile has. Regardless of which kind of tile you choose you really do not want to select one having a high gloss and sleek surface area. This can produce an incredibly hazardous situation for you.

The truth is, you can really select any tile for virtually any flooring in your home. Most will likely be resilient and resilient. With great consideration paid towards the treatment of those tiles, most problems may be overcome; Travertine is no exception to this.

Tile, carpet, and flooring experts say that the best Travertine bathroom tile finish is either the hone-finished or tumble-finished Travertine. Hone-finished is actually a step down from the ultra-glossy slick finish that a polished finish offers. It is more refined than a tumbled or all-natural finish. The pits are filled and the surface area is honed flat. Tumble-finished Travertine, alternatively, is extremely textured and less refined. This finish provides a much more organic and rustic design quality.

Even though most specialists agree that both of these forms of finish have the ability to stand up to spills most likely to occur in bathrooms such as makeup as well as other beauty items, there are still issues to take caution with to preserve the beauty of your tile.

• Clean up spills immediately to prevent etching or stains on your Travertine stone. Blot, rinse and dry the stone with gentle cloths to avoid scratching marks in to the surface
• Don’t use vinegar, ammonia or citrus cleansing merchandise to scrub Travertine. These acidic liquids can harm stone flooring and countertops.
• Avoid positioning make-up, hair and nail items, perfumes as well as other toiletries right on Travertine tiles. Utilize a tray or towel beneath these items to keep the surface thoroughly clean, dry and free of acids

Taking these safeguards will keep your bathroom Travertine floor or countertop beautiful.

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