Historic Homes Are Perfect For People Seeking Unique Features and Interesting Character

When in the market for a new home, there are a lot of factors to think about. Location is most commonly the number one factor, but you also must thoroughly like the home you end up choosing. Therefore, if you are an individual or a couple interested in the arts, a historic house might be an excellent choice.

Historic houses are typically located within historic districts in a city. These historic districts also have committees or some other organization in place to ensure the houses maintain their historic integrity, which is what makes them unique. When you enter a historic district, the exterior of the houses boast a range of lively colors, usually at least three, along with elaborate roofs, numerous porches, diverse styles and sizes of windows and perhaps a tower. These houses are also frequently rather large and feature eclectic layouts and rooms, such as a butler’s quarter, that will not be present in modern day residences. They have interesting roofs with several peaks and numerous windows all over. Inside a historic house, you are likely to find an elaborate fireplace with a decorative mantel. You are also likely to see tall ceilings, hardwood flooring and crown molding.

While many characteristics of historic houses may seem similar, there are different types based on period that are used to define them. One of the first are Colonial style houses. These were houses constructed during the Colonial Period. These houses can be identified by their steep roofs, paired chimneys, small side windows and flanking front doors that have a decorative crown over them. Homes constructed from 1780 to 1830 are considered to feature Federal-style architecture. They are named after the Federal Period, which is when they were built. This style of house was the first national style in America. These houses feature entryways with flanking sidelights and fanlights. They have subtle details that might include moldings, trim and mullions. They frequently have a third level and semi-circle or rectangular porticos are a common feature. A third example of styles of historic houses is Queen Anne architecture. This varies from country to country, but in America, Queen Anne style houses were constructed from 1880 to 1910. These houses have elaborate, steep roofs that feature numerous gables and dormers. These houses feature various wall textures such as brick, stone, shingle and clapboards. Towers and turrets are sometimes a feature of a Queen Anne style house, as are multiple porches and bays.

There are many types of houses on the market from modern new builds to ranch style and the above mentioned historic houses. When hunting for a home, be sure to find one that appeals to you. If you seek character and uniqueness, such as a tower, crown molding or old, original hardwood flooring, a historic house may be the best option.

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