Conventional Hardwood Flooring For Basements Is a No No

Experts in Chicago wood flooring will tell you that hardwood flooring for basements will not be a feasible selection. Think of how wooden doors react to fluctuations in humidity; it expands and retracts. Wood flooring does exactly the same thing. In a basement, you not only must contend with the continual humidity, often times moisture seeps into even the most appropriately sealed basement flooring. These moisture droplets are going to be absorbed by the hardwood in basements triggering it to warp, expand or worse, buckle.

As an alternative to installing hardwood flooring in basements, vinyl, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, decorative cement, or rubber tiles are your absolute best alternatives. Each have their issues for basement flooring too, however they are comparatively minor ones.

o 100% water-proof
o Inexpensive
o Amazing hardwood flooring looks
o Vinyl plank flooring can be click-together installation
o Repair or plank replacement equally easy
o Available in rolls and tiles
o Vinyl flooring is a printed floor hence the look could be anything from hardwood to stone to checkerboard

Ceramic and Porcelain tile flooring
o Almost as water resistant as vinyl
o Tiles could be replaced individually, easing repair
o Larger tiles make a smaller sized area look larger

Decorative Cement
o Typically the cheapest option
o You can have any color you want
o Elaborate design choices

Rubber tiles
o Interlocking design for super easy set up
o Not a lot of risk of mold
o Tremendous level of comfort underfoot

With any basement flooring it is wise to utilize a moisture barrier. Though every single of these flooring alternatives are in and of themselves both water resistant or watertight, where moisture collects, mold and mildew will grow, even beneath rubber tiles. This barrier may only consist of an epoxy flooring sealant rolled on. Ask your flooring expert which sort of barrier performs best with whatever basement flooring you choose.

If your heart is set on hardwood flooring in the basement, you may be able to locate an engineered hardwood flooring especially created to be far more moisture resistant than others.

If somebody tells you hardwood flooring for basements is really a great idea, you might have just proven that they are not flooring specialists. But you’ll find alternatives to have the appearance of hardwood in basements.

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