Best Chainsaw Brand – Stihl Or Husqvarna?

Shopping for the best chainsaw brand on the market requires a little more than simply purchasing the most expensive saws.

Most expensive doesn’t always indicate the best; in most cases it’s simply because of the size of a chainsaw that makes it more expensive.

Size does matter when choosing a chainsaw. A part time user won’t be wanting a unit which is designed to cut down forests. This, believe it or not is a costly mistake which can happen all too often.

Many prospective chainsaw users are often confused with what saw to buy when they first start shopping around. Obviously, the best chainsaw brands are open to plenty of debate as respective users have their favorites and their opinions are very hard to sway.

So how do you choose the best chainsaw brand? Well, Stihl and Husqvarna immediately spring to mind but if you’re really serious about finding the best saw for your situation then you need to conduct your own research before jumping in on one recommendation.

What type of research are we referring to? Here are some questions you should ask when shopping for a chainsaw:

1. How often will you use the saw?

2. How much are you willing to spend?

3. Do you prefer a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric machine?

Sourcing Information On The Best Brands

Finding the best chainsaw brand means you need some open discussion and the best place to get this is from an online forum dedicated to chainsaw users. Forums dedicated to chainsaw users are a great place to get your questions answered.

Asking what are the best chainsaws on the market will get you plenty of response and may confuse you because many woodcutters have their personal favorites and can be biased in their opinion.

As a first time chainsaw user a better question would revolve around your inexperience, size of your property and the amount of times you’re expecting to use your machine.

If you’re considering limited use then shopping the major stores should be beneficial. In many cases, you won’t be expected to part with a lot of money with many saws available for $100 or less.

While you won’t be making a huge outlay and they may not rank as the best chainsaw brand, the truth is, despite their budget tag there are some real gems amongst them in both the electric and gas-powered range.

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