Replacing cheap Kitchen floor tile with ceramic tile?

Question by Robert: Replacing cheap Kitchen floor tile with ceramic tile?
I was wondering if I could just put down ceramic tile over top of the cheap tile that is in my kitchen now. The cheap tile that now is on now is that kind which I believe has a sticky backing to it and is real flimsy.
I basically have no idea what I am doing. I saw at lowes a brand called “Edge Precision Tile”, that looks easy enough, does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Any web sites on how to tile a kithen would be handy too. thanks!

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Answer by Mike
Ceramic can only be put down on a hard surface, not old vinyl, wodd, or anything else. You’ll have to put wonderboard down first to make the floor rigid, then you can put tile down.

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2 thoughts on “Replacing cheap Kitchen floor tile with ceramic tile?

  1. It is really up to you but my recomendation is to remove the old tile. You can run into problems when doing this if the tile adhesive on your old tiles react some way negatively with the motar You could run into problems. Also depending on the height of the tiles already you could run into problems when you try to install a transition strip between the kitchen and another floor type. The old tiles can also degrade and cause the mortar to seep and develop cracks in your moter.

  2. You can put plywood over the old floor, then tile on top of that.This is hard work ,hope you have lots of help!

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